Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polypropylene

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I will be explain and discussing about polypropylene, polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that can be used in a big variety of applications including ropes and thermal carpet. An addition polymer is made from the monomer propylene, it contains unusual resistant to many solvents of chemicals, acids and bases. The properties of polypropylene is it is resistant to alkalis and acids, it is also high tensile in strength. Introduction Supramolecular chemistry is defined as chemistry “beyond the molecule”. Supra is latin and means above or beyond and it is one of the most discussed and fastest growing areas of experimental chemistry. Chemical…show more content…
The supply of oil, however, is far from limitless. According to the New York Times, in March 2011, economists at the major international bank HSBC warned that less than 50 years' supply of oil is left. And for the second disadvantage, many synthetic polymers' most desirable feature is their chemical inertness -- their resistance to various kinds of chemical degradation. This same property, however, also means they last a long time once they are thrown away. According to a 2007 article in Slate, scientists estimate that a single plastic bag could take as much as 500 years to break down. This is heavily related to the factor of environmental, as it is very crude and can break down and destroy earth’s natural environment, since synthetic molecules cause a huge loss in crude oil and can cause lumps of trash which take 500 years to break…show more content…
Although environmental problems can lead to first world problems, they won’t help us as much as synthetic polymers do, they help us with carrying and making as well as inventing and creating such inventions that lead to developed ideas which can develop the world itself, so this is my reading to my opinion of using synthetic chemistry in our everyday

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