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Understanding The Complex Relations Between Nations: International Relations Degree Do you have an interest in global events and the impact that they can have on everything from the economy to political and social life? Would you like to have a deeper understanding of the public policies, trends in the economy, laws and social issues that shape the world around us? All of this is possible with a degree in international relations. This type of course is not only great for expanding your knowledge, but the skills you learn can make you appealing to a variety of employers. It is also why a lot of big names, such as Amy Pascal, Ban Ki-moon and Dexter Filkins opted to major in international relations. So, whether you are interested in a specific…show more content…
It can provide students with a broad knowledge base to prepare them for a variety of occupations or to continue on to a bachelor or even masters degree. For this major course work typically includes philosophy, humanities, sociology, international relations and economics. Bachelor of International Relations The Bachelor of International Relations degree usually takes up to four years to complete and feature course topics such as contemporary global issues, international organizations in world politics, international relations theory and issues in international political economy. In addition to compulsory courses students typically also have to select courses that may include contemporary political theory, peace and conflict studies and global social movements. Master of Arts in International Relations Obtaining a Master of Arts in International Relations degree can take up to two years and is beneficial for students who are interested in foreign affairs, research or entering the civil service. Many students also go on to take postgraduate degrees that can assist them with academic careers. Course topics may include international law, social and political theory, international security, theories of international relations and more. Typically you can also choose a concentration, such as global security, international negotiation and conflict resolution…show more content…
Due to the nature of the course and the career paths that stem from it, it is also beneficial for students to know at least one other world language. Communication and critical thinking skills are important, as is writing skills and the ability to solve problems effectively. These soft skills are generally sharpened during your studies, but it is useful to have a good basis to start from. You should be able to understand and interpret complex issues and also feel comfortable debating issues that might be challenging. Students should be able to work independently and have plenty of motivation. Decent grades in English, Mathematics or an approved science are usually part of the entry requirements for most learning

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