Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Pollution

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Air pollution Introduction : The term of air pollution is in general air but not clear which means that there are some material that cause the un clearness of air. So in definition air pollution is the air that contain other material from different sources which can be harmful on human and other creatures. The levels of danger of air pollution are deferent from place to another and that depends on the source of the pollution. The source of pollution can be caused by nature or can be caused by human. The source and the types of air pollution: The source of air pollution are deferent from a place to another and that depends on the type of that materials. There are two main types of air pollution 1- Air pollution caused by nature 2- Air pollution caused by human…show more content…
The examples of this kind of changes are wind, volcanos, earthquakes and the burning of forests. Winds carry some part of dust and ash which has a small amount of mass that make it easy to mix with air. The explosion of volcano’s cause a dust and different types of gasses that contain carbon can effect air and make it very harmful and dangerous. Earthquake which is a crack in the layers of earth sometimes causes dust that make the air un breathable. The increase in heat sometimes on the forests causes the burning if this forest or in another word the burning on the wood of this forests that can give a carbon dioxide as result. 2-Air pollution caused by human The meaning of air pollution caused by human are the process that human do it every day. There are several types of air pollution that people are the main reason behind it and they are: 1-The burning of fossil fuels 3- Agricultural activities 4- Exhaust from factories and

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