Chemical Reactions In A Car Essay

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A car functions and moves due to the chemical reactions that are taking place within it. There are several chemical reactions that take place in a car. These reactions ensure that the car is able to function and can move, combustion, radiation, batteries, air bags etc, are all chemical reactions that take and play separate parts within a car. The chemical reactions that I will refer to will be the catalytic converters and performance enhancers (Nitrous Oxide). As the car industry has developed scientists and engineers have further improved the car in many ways. Reducing fuel immersions, enhancing the engine performance, and increasing the distance. A catalyst in science is a substance that escalates the rate of reactions in a given chemical…show more content…
If the implementation of catalytic converters were not a reality then the amount of pollution would be far greater than what it is currently. It can still be seen today in many places where trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles are utilized, the gases that are exposed from the exhaust are extremely dark in color; this is due to the carbon monoxide that is being released. Without the redox reaction taking place the effects of the pollutants can directly affect our well being in a negative aspect. Carbon monoxide is converted into carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide reduces the amount of red blood cells in a living organism if inhaled, this results in the loss of hemoglobin which are adapted to store oxygen, when these are lost then it becomes increasingly harder to breath as oxygen is not being retained. Nitrogen oxide is converted into nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrogen oxide when released into the air can react with sulfur dioxide, this in turn leads to acid rain, which is destructive especially for farm land and other places it land on, corroding landforms, cars, buildings etc. Nitrogen alone is not harmful to the human body as air is made up of 78% nitrogen, and 21% oxygen, this means that the products of the reaction once released into the air do not affect it at

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