The Pros And Cons Of Urbanization

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Skylar McCarty Mrs.Moore [Course Number] 3/15/18 [Title]: [Subtitle] Urbanization is the increase of people moving from the rural areas to the urban areas. (Rinkesh, 2015) It is expected that by 2050 two thirds of the worlds population will live in cities.Miami has this percentage of urbanization In my question I’m trying to find out if urbanization is harmful to the planet or is beneficial to the planet. I am looking at the economic factors,the enivorment,individuals, and the countries. What im trying to find out if urbanization is harmful to the planet or if it has benefits . Im looking at the aspects of Living in urban areas requires more energy to be used In Hong…show more content…
The big companies in the cities that are offering these jobs have to stay in the city because the area that it is in helps the business prosper. By having more jobs in the cities and more business and cooprations in the city it can help the economy significantly. The cities in Australia are bringing in more money which will not only help the economy,but it will also help the unemployment rate decrease in the cities. The cities can be prospering from this urbanization, but the rural areas are suffering. Since most of the jobs are in the cities in Australia there is less jobs in the rural areas, The cities are successful, but the rural areas are struggling.The unemployment rates in the cities are lower than in the urban areas and the economy is better in the cities than the urban areas. It is unclear if urbanization is beneficial to Australia or if it is harmful. Urbanization is helping the cities with their economy and it is decreasing unemployment which also helps the poverty rate decrease, but the urban areas doesn’t has as many jobs which can lead to…show more content…
In some cases it was harmful,but they had benefits. For some countries urbanization had a lot of successful impacts and the harmful effects were not a huge concern. For some countries they had an even amount of pros and cons of urbanization and they were trying to fix the problems. By limiting the problems urbanization seemed like it really had an impact, but they still always had some negative. I think further research needs to be done to see if urbanization is harmful. With research we might be able to find solutions to the

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