12 Angry Men Character Analysis Essay

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When reading the play "12 angry men", is it hard to ignore that the 8th Juror is portrayed as a hero as he is the only juror to vote not guilty after the first vote ultimately this saved the defendants live as in voting not guilty it forced the other jurors to discuss the evidence even though that At the very beginning of the play, you can see that there is no sympathy towards the boy accused of murder. And why should it be? All the evidence that was brought up in the court room has crushed the defense and the boy's chances on the trial .In fact, it was too clear that the defense was helpless and left many holes in their case.So it was a heroic effort by the 8th juror to vote not guilty against the other 11 jurors for a couple of reasons. In the initial vote done by the jurors, everybody votes "guilty" (against the boy) except for #8. When asked if he thought the boy was guilty or not guilty, he said, “I don’t know.” This shows that he used his reasonable doubt . When asked why he voted this way, he replied, “ It’s not easy for me to raise my hand and send a boy off to die without talking about it first.” This shows that he did not…show more content…
After starting to talk about the case, some of the other jurors got mad and tried to convince #8 to vote "guilty" and end the discussion. Yet, he stayed calm and tried to continue debating in spite of their efforts to convince him. After realizing that he is standing alone against them, he called for another vote, in which he will not participate (a rather questionable action, considering he had not yet spoke out about the case). This was a rather bold step, but it paid out because of #9, who changed his vote to "not guilty" He said, “He gambled for support and I gave it to him.This shows how he respect #8 and #8's courage. , #8 was stuck to his position but #9 allowed him more time to convince the other

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