Psychodynamic Therapeutic Approaches

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Psychodynamic Therapeutic Approaches In counseling, there are various therapeutic approaches that are unique and beneficial in different ways. There are four main approaches, which are the psychodynamic approach, experiential and relationship – oriented therapies, cognitive behavioral approaches, and the systems and postmodern approaches. In looking at all the different theories, there is no right or wrong approach. Each approach offers a different means of understanding human behavior making it a matter of finding out which approach is most useful and appropriate for the client. In focusing specifically on the psychodynamic therapeutic approach, it includes psychoanalytic therapy as well as Adlerian therapy. Depending on the client, either…show more content…
Its methods are used to bring out and explore unconscious material or patterns that have resulted from childhood experiences and development. Some of the techniques that are used in this form of therapy include free association, interpretation, and analysis of dreams, resistance, and transference (Corey 2013). Though some may not agree with all the principles within the psychoanalytic theory, there are still various concepts that can be used in developing a deeper understanding of clients and their behavior. This approach especially, provides an understanding of certain resistant behaviors such as leaving therapy early, canceling appointments, or even a refusal to look deeper. It allows clients to work through problems that have restricted them emotionally by providing awareness as to why they are behaving in such manners. It provides the client and therapist with an understanding of specific abnormal behaviors. In looking into the unconscious mind, clients have a chance to identify and modify how they respond to anxiety or fears that may be constraining them in some form or another. In time clients can reach a state of self-actualization and deeper understanding of themselves and in doing so, live lives that are more…show more content…
One of the main issues with this form of therapy is that it often requires a great deal of time and money. This can be problematic especially for low-income clients who may be focused on other pressing issues. Such clients may be dealing with crisis situations regarding housing, legal issues, employment, childcare, substance abuse, etc. In such cases, low-income clients may be looking for more guidance from the therapist in addressing these issues first. Thus, psychoanalytic therapy may be an approach that can be used after these pressing issues have first been addressed and resolved (Corey 2013). Psychoanalytic therapy also has some limitations when looking at it from a diversity perspective. As this theory focuses more on internal factors, it misses out on many important external factors such as social, political, and cultural factors that play an important role in influencing an individual’s behavior (Corey 2013). Thus this form of therapy is restricted to certain social and cultural

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