The Magnifying Glass Short Story

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On a chilly October evening, a young boy named Aaron walked into the library room of his family's old house. There, he found his father searching for a new book to read. Aaron was bored so he started looking around the library. ‘Don’t break anything, Aaron.” Said Aaron’s father. Aaron started opening drawers and cabinets, looking for anything and everything. In one drawer, he found a magnifying glass. Aaron was fascinated by the magnifying glass. He spend the next hour looking at all sorts of things through the magnifying glass until his mother yelled for him to go to bed. Aaron did not want to go to bed he was having too much fun but he put the magnifying glass back in its drawer and did as his mother said. Aaron slept great that night. He…show more content…
He started to laugh and said, “Don’t be silly, there is no such thing as magic.” At school Aaron couldn’t concentrate. He wanted to prove to his family that it was magic that made his things disappear. Aaron knew that if he believed in himself he could solve this mystery without his parents helping. Once Aaron got home from school, he sat down to do his homework. He was having a hard time seeing a graph in his textbook. He went into the library room to find the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass helped him significantly. After he finished his homework, Aaron went upstairs to change out of his school clothes. But when he went to open his closet, he saw that all his clothes were gone. “Oh my goodness” Aaron shouted out. “ It all makes sense now, everything is shrinking because the magnifying glass is magic! No one was taking my stuff!” Aaron ran back down to the library room and carefully observed everything in the drawer that he found the magnifying glass in. He moved everything around until he noticed a piece of paper taped to the bottom of the drawer. On it was…show more content…
And it did! All of his things were back in their place. Aaron couldn’t wait for his family to come home and prove to them that he was right, it was magic that caused his belongings to shrink. As soon as his parents arrived home, Aaron ran up to them and told them everything. “Mom, Dad, the magnifying glass in the library room is magic! Everytime I used it, something of mine would shrink so much that I couldn’t see it. In the drawer the magnifying glass is stored, I found a spell that would resize everything that shrunk. ” Aaron took both of his parents’ hands and brought them to the paper with the spell. “Oh, wow Aaron, you were right. I'm sorry for not believing you before.” Said Aaron's dad. “ From now on, we will won’t doubt you.” His mom said. “Thank you. I’m just happy that everything is all back to

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