A Walk In The Woods Analysis

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A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson showcases many different themes that all revolve around nature. Bryson and his good friend Stephan Katz set out to hike the famous Appalachian Trail. Both of these men have no hiking experience and do not truly know what exactly they are getting themselves into. With this lack of experience comes a tremendous amount of vulnerability. Being amongst the wildlife is already terrifying enough, but having no experience makes it just that much worse. Bryson and Katz are both men that lack experience with hiking and being one with wildlife. This makes them just that much more vulnerable. They start out their trip down in Georgia at Springer Mountain, which is just a hike away from the start of their real journey. Through their travels they stop and go, taking breaks every now and then. The original goal for Bryson was to be able to hike this 2,200-mile trail in just one season. Being as inexperienced as he is, this goal of his is a little far out there. They never actually finish the trail, but they did end up getting far. Being in the woods for this long with nothing besides the supplies on their backs is incredible.…show more content…
The worries and fears they faced while being one with nature are just like any other fears. Being amongst the bears, poisonous plats, snakes, and more in such an unfamiliar habitat showed their vulnerability quite a bit. It is always hard to just decide to live in the forest for a couple of months. Katz and Bryson did not commit to their original plan because they would stop hiking for a while and then start back up again. In chapter three, Bryson and Katz come across a man who is willing to drive them up for a fee to the next trailhead. This shows that they were truly not prepared for diving into the experience like they originally thought they
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