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happened. It is crucial to take into consideration Hemingway's experiences and also destina-tions in which he located his protagonist. Adair then lists for example the region downriver from Fossalta and San Dona, the swamp full of mosquitos of Portogrande and the retreat from Caporetto (1991: 584-588). The short story definitely presents a hero who struggles with suffering and fear of harmful memories. Adair, Fiedler and Tanner present many, yet similar, interpretations of Nick's trip, being a detachment from reality and the cure for his anxiety, whereas Cirino questions if it was a good decision at all by putting forward an interpretation that on the one hand it might have been productive on the other Nick might have been doomed to failure from the very beginning. He recalls an entry from Handbook of Mental Control by Daniel M. Wegner and James W. Pennebaker, which explains processes of philosophy of mind. According to this entry, if a person is aware that his state will remain unchanged, he should not…show more content…
This conversation is ironic, yet superficially very trivial. It is Hemingway’s ca-pacity to present serious issues under the cover of shallowness. Another excellent example can be observed when we are introduced to yet another colour in this story. Green appears under cover of Absinthe; it is again paired with whiteness, symbolising fertility, against blackness of licorice which Jig associates with Anis del Toro, the drink they are drinking (2002: 75-77). Bearing in mind the first interpretation, it should be contrasted with the hy-pothesis presented by Nilofer Hashmi. She points out that the hills may stand for a dream of a family and hope that sexual relationship with the man may transform into something more solid; on the other hand, the man has little empathy and he seems to destroy Jig’s dreams by displaying his cold and reserved response (2003:

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