Absorption-Addiction Model Of Celebrity Worship

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This study is anchored on the absorption-addiction model proposed by McCutcheon et al. (2002) to explain the vulnerability of identity structure of fans during celebrity worship that could lead to psychological absorption with the adored celebrity in order to have a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction. Absorption does not require determined concentration; in fact, it can be attained through an effortless focusing of attention. This produces a heightened sense of reality of the celebrity which encourages the unfounded beliefs of the worshippers, that there is a special relationship shared with the celebrity (McCutcheon et al., 2002). As the worshippers are motivated to learn more about their favorite celebrities, some of them go beyond mere…show more content…
This is the level where the compulsive and intensive feeling of the fan towards the celebrity is apparent as well as some occasional obsessive tendencies (Maltby et al., 2005). At this point, people are absorbed with the life of the celebrity that their lives are starting to be affected (Griffith, Aruguete, Edman, Green, & McCutcheon, 2013). Recent studies have shown that the Intense-personal aspect of celebrity worship have poorer mental well-being through indices of neuroticism, worry, anxiety, and depression (McCutcheon et al.,…show more content…
However, there is a contrasting view of celebrity worship wherein the positive roles carried out by these fans in maintaining social networks around their favourite celebrities are emphasized (Maltby et al., 2001). The said behaviour can be beneficial to the individual because it supports productive social relationships, which may also serve as psychological buffer against stressors (Maltby et al., 2001). In relation to adolescent development, parasocial interactions formed in this stage may contribute to social, emotional, and transitional roles of adolescents (Adams-Price & Green,

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