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What Is the Best Way to Learn Woodworking? Are you looking for a nice wooden table for your patio? Instead of shopping around for the one that looks “just right,” build it yourself! Case in point: For only $65, these guys were able to build a lovely farmhouse table that costs $2,000 at Anthropologie. You can pull that off too! Craft exactly what you had in mind, and do so on the cheap. Being passionate about woodcraft ourselves, we believe it’s one of the most valuable skills you can learn. Let us help you get started by sharing with you the best ways to learn woodworking. Enroll in a Carpentry School Going to a trade college to learn woodworking is always your best bet especially if you wish to pursue woodcraft as a profession. There are…show more content…
Indeed, there is no better teacher than experience. In fact, many renowned woodworkers began by toiling away in their basements, sawing and sanding their way from one project to another. Safety If you want to go the same route, the first thing you need to understand is the danger associated with your chosen craft. While carpentry isn’t a hazardous hobby, it does involve working with tools that can cause injury if not used carefully and correctly. Even seemingly harmless sawdust and motes can be a problem if you don’t take the necessary precautions. As a basic safety rule, always wear protective gear and use only high-quality equipment and tools in your workshop. In woodworking, it’s always better to be overly careful than injured! Tools The next thing to do is to gather your tools. You can buy pre-assembled woodworking tool sets such as Woodstock’s Professional Woodworking Kit. However, you’re also free to put your own starter kit together. Here are the basic tools you’ll need when starting out in woodworking: Saw - An absolute must-have in any woodshop, the good old table saw is one of the most versatile tools you can ever own. Invest in a high-grade one. Other saws you can add are circular saws, hand saws, and jigsaws, among

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