Reflection On Faith

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A problem that I had discovered in the first reflection regarding the current status of my faith, was that I did not have a complete understanding of my faith. Prayers, attending mass, amongst other things had lost its meaning to me, and coupled with the fact that I generally had bad experiences whenever I would ask a doubtful question about my faith. All these, in a certain way, dampened my faith since I never really tried to find out what it means to believe in the Holy Trinity. I was content with whatever level or degree of faith I had, and at the time, it had never occurred to me to find out more. From what I have understood about my faith, as well as the Christian faith in general, is that for one, I would never fully understand my Christian faith, and I will never fully understand it in this life time – it is beyond human capability to comprehend. I have learned to accept that truth about my faith, that I cannot possibly know what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. But that doesn’t mean that it should stop there. I understand now that faith is not something my parents can pass on to me – it is not…show more content…
Our faith cannot foster in ourselves alone, we also grow in our faith when we are with other people. With this, the community of Christians, best represented by the Church, also moves constantly to search for the full truth of God’s words of salvation. From the divinely inspired scriptures down to the modern Church teachings, the truths are indeed consistent with what they teach and are without error. Our relations with other people even call for a dynamic faith in God. Since faith can also be viewed as a mutual friendship with God, this would also entail a constant reciprocation to God’s never ending call for us. Now I know what it means to be a true Christian, with a dynamic
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