Physical Therapy Assistant Research Paper

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Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Career Guide PTAs or physical therapist assistant are trained healthcare professionals who under direct supervision of physical therapists. PTAs work in all kinds of facilities like hospitals, schools, clinics and help patients of all ages with health-related problems that limit their functional activities or ability to move. Sometimes, physical therapist assistants are also responsible for tracking progress of therapy provided and patient’s performance, as a result. PTA’s job duties can include (but are not limited to) massage of soft tissues, ultrasound and electrical therapy and stimulation, training like helping patient to use walkers and other activities planned by physical therapist. How to become a PTA? To become a physical therapy assistant you will need to accomplish a training program and get associate’s degree. To be admitted you need a high school diploma or GED. Step 1. Training To become a PTA, prospective students need to accomplish a 2-year associate’s degree. It lasts for 5 semesters and mainly focuses on physical function-related education. Since physical therapy is essential for restoring patient’s…show more content…
In real numbers it’s 20,000 PTA jobs. One of the reasons for such enormous growth is healthcare reform that now considers physical therapy services a must for people who need it and insurers will have to take this into account. It’s clear that with more patients requiring rehab help, more physical therapists and PTA’s will be needed. Another reason for growing demand is the fact that US population is aging year-by-year and mature people are those who need physical therapy more than younger ones. Therefore, if you’re looking for interesting and rewarding career in healthcare, becoming a physical therapy assistant may become one of your best

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