Friar Lawrence In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Teenagers don’t completely think about what they want or exactly how they feel. Sometimes they can exaggerate and do crazy things, but adults can also act immature and it could cause problems in the lives of others around them. Romeo and Juliet were so in love with each other, they killed themselves for some of the stupidest reasons. They do these because of each other’s family, friar Laurence and the immature ways of Romeo and Juliet act throughout the play. Romeo and Juliet believed that they were so in love no one could change what they thought or did with each other. The way teenagers today act are different than in the past. Teens today learned better ways to cope with troubles, such as their significant other getting sent to juvenile…show more content…
One poor decision was agreeing to help arrange a secret marriage between Romeo and Juliet. If the marriage weren’t a secret maybe it would have ended the feud between the families. In a way the two families were related. Another reason for blaming Friar Laurence is the idea that he came up with when Juliet was being forced to marry Paris. There are plenty reasons to blame friar Laurence but the main reason are when he was in the tomb with Juliet. A greater power than we can contradict / Hath Thwarted our intents" (V.iii.158-59). In those words “A greater power” means god and “hath thwarted our intents’ means disagreed with Friar Laurence’s decisions, with all the fighting of the family’s and the stupid/ immature decisions of the two star crossed lovers and Friar Laurence it made this story seem like it would never get better, but after the 2 star crossed lovers died it seemed as if the feud of the Capulet’s and Montague’s stopped and there was peace again, as for the Capulet’s I’m sure lord Capulet feels guilty for his bad decision of forcing Juliet to marry Paris. Some things won't get better if no one wants it to or don’t bother trying to make it better if it’s a negative with a negative, it will explode rather than make a positive unless your talking about math. As for Friar Laurence he’s would have trouble in the future, he’s going to most likely confess to making the potion and giving Juliet the idea of
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