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Women have different opinions when it comes to the concept “abortion”. Abortion is when a pregnant woman decides not to conceive their child and goes through the process of receiving a miscarriage. There are many situations in which why a woman decides not to have their child. There are two sides to the concept abortion, pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice is when a person believes that a woman has the right to decide whether or not to conceive the child; but pro-life is when a person believes that it is wrong to go through an abortion. From the article “Abortion Without Apology: A Prescription for Getting the Pro-Choice Groove Back” explains why women deserve the right to decide whether or not they wish to have a child. Pollitt persuades her audience on the advantages of pro-choice. She administers a strong belief to the concept of pro-choice in abortion. She supports her argument with several reasons that all have connection to women’s rights. Her argument supports that when a woman accidentally becomes pregnant, it is her choice whether or not she believes she is cable to raise a child. “Why should a woman bear a child if she happens to become pregnant” (Pollitt, 2014)? Pollitt explains her argument by looking at both sides of abortion.…show more content…
One example she uses to support her argument is the woman’s choice. If a woman’s body truly belongs to her then the government or no man should have any say in the matter of whether or not what is the right decision for her or the child (Pollitt, 2014). Due to her strong opinion on pro-choice she backs up her argument with examples of how in the matter the woman might have been raped. With the woman’s point of view she may not want to conceive the child due to the horrible pain she went through of being sexually assaulted. With that bad experience Pollitt implies that it is natural to not want to give birth to the child of the man who raped

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