How Is Hamlet's Insanity Real

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tember 20XX Hamlet’s Insanity Many scholars have tried to prove Hamlet’s insanity and madness. This paper is aiming to prove if Hamlet’s insanity and madness was real or fake . Professors and scholars have tons of different theories aiming to prove Hamlet’s behavior and why those different behaviors occuried. There is tons evidence in the play that caused Hamlet to be insane. was Hamlet’s insanity real or was it fake ? Maybe Hamlet made it look real in order to carry out his plan. In order to do so He would have had to keep the king wandering by deliberately acting out to make it seem as if he was insane. The fact is Hamlet made his insanity appear to be real just goes to…show more content…
Hamlet states in the play he acts out to buy time so he can kill claudius. Hamlet also tells his mother to tell claudius he has gone crazy after the death of polonius which Hamlet committed after he caught polonius spying on him and his mother. To make his insanity seem real but the whole time hamlet was faking. Or did hamlet have a psychological disorder . In the play Hamlet moves through a series of drastic emotions in the play , beginning with the depression , moving to madness and more stress. so Hamlet appears in two different states , as a sane person and actually acting as an insane person . At beginning of the play he seems as a philosopher , hero and poet that is very articulate in his way of speech and behaviour in front of all characters around him like his uncle, mother, friends and his beloved Ophelia. Then he is forced to imitate madness in order to take his father’s revenge and discover the loyalty of his friends . Hamlet emerges as a brave character and there are several examples that provide this fearless attitude . The first example occurs when the ghost appears in the presence of Hamlet…show more content…
If the king seems nervous Hamlet will know his crime from there. This trap took careful consideration and planning in its execution. Hamlet delays taking his revenge , although he has a chance to take it when he finds his uncle praying and asking god for forgiveness. He refuses mainly because should he die while praying he will be purified from all his sins and he believes that after the purification his soul will go to the heaven and Hamlet doesn’t want that because it is not what a murderer deserves. All these events show us that Hamlet is a sane person,with a bright mind carrying a hidden agenda. But he is forced to act differently in order to take his revenge. The turning point of Hamlet’s attitude starts after a meeting between him and the ghost where he makes sure that his uncle is his father’s killer. Then he starts his plan by acting mad and uses harsh works to speak with his beloved ophelia as he expressed many critics frequently argue the madness of Hamlet. Its difficult to label hamlet as either sane or insane especially when he implies to horatio that he would only act mad. However there many reasons that can lead

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