Personal Narrative-A Day At My Unit On Ancient Egypt

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I hopped on to the bus, excited to go back home and start my weekend. When I was at my stop and I saw my mom pull up. I went home home and I greeted my mom. We sat down and had our “traditional” weekend lunch. I discussed the activities that happened at school and then I went on to talk about my favorite part of the day, History class. Today was the day we started our unit on Ancient Egypt. We just introduced this era, but I have studied it many time before by reading books, watching documentaries, and going to museums. I shared my excitement with my mother, who couldn’t seem less interested. But I rambled on, sharing my opinion and excitement for this subject. I don’t understand why people aren’t fascinated with history as I am.…show more content…
It was bright and a man was standing beside me, wearing a bandana as a mask. This made the man look very intimidating. I asked this man where I was and he responded in a different language. He grabbed my hand and forced me on to his camel. I tried resisting, but he yelled at me and I obeyed, in fear of being attacked. I was thinking of a plan to escape form this man, but I realized that I had nowhere to go, so it would be better to wait until I was in a city. I decided that when I reached the city, I would run off and call the police to report this kidnapping. They rocking of the camel made me drowsy, and I eventually went to sleep. I was awoken by rambunctious noises of the crowds of people in the city. We passed a huge bazaar and it seemed that we were headed to a colossal palace. I noticed that this man had my schoolbag, which was quite peculiar. I asked the man for my bag by pointing to it but he responded with a shake of his head. When I lifted my hand, I realized that I was cuffed with a rope! He was taking me as a prisoner to their leader! I tried to scramble off the camel, but I was strapped to the harness. When we reached the kingdom, he released me, but grabbed me by a rope on my neck. I was dragged inside, where the pharaoh was sitting in his throne. I was shoved to the ground and I bowed down. They started discussing in their language when my smart watch went off. Everybody

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