The Pros And Cons Of A Zombie Apocalypse

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Has the idea of a possible zombie apocalypse ever come to mind? Well, a zombie apocalypse is quite possible, and proposed with such a situation, would we be ready for it? For one, we are not ready for a zombie apocalypse. Mainly people think zombies are all science fiction and could never happen. Also many people aren’t prepared enough for the scenario of a zombie “apocalypse.” Lastly, no one actually knows what a zombie might look like or how the disease would spread. These are just a few of the reasons we are not ready for a zombie apocalypse. So are zombies real or not? According to many T.V. shows, movies, and books, yes. Since people think zombies only exist in fiction, they don’t take a zombie apocalypse scenario seriously. When in fact, the possible idea has been studied in science for a long time looking for something that would cause zombie like symptoms in its host. Through this study a few potential candidates have been found ranging from bacterium to viruses. With that being said, many people still don't feel the threat of the looming zombie apocalypse. This could mean many people would take it as a joke or prank if zombies really did come leaving them unprepared.…show more content…
Many people aren’t prepared for such a thing such as basic survival training or emergency kits with equipment, water, and food that are needed for survival. A large amount of food and water would be needed to support a single person over a period of time throughout the zombie apocalypse. This means during that amount of time, any survivors would need to find a liable source of food and water which would be very hard to come by. Weapons might also be a problem too, not only to defend oneself from zombies, but also from other people looking for supplies or just trying to survive. Something of also other importance is identifying a

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