The Importance Of Counseling In Counselling

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The mind set for the psychic counsellor when doing sessions with clients should be some key points to keep in mind when session begin Applying psychic abilities to the benefit of others -with responsibility (keeping records and recordings of the session and keeping it confidential) -with respect for the client (in return the client to respect you) -caring for the client (in return the client to care for you and listen to your views upon the topics at hand) -professionalism (with the environment the session is taking place and the psychic counsellor projection being unprofessionalism can do Pathological damage) -understanding and compassionate approach with active listening skills and unconditional love and non judgement from the psychic counsellor…show more content…
Friending them – tuning into the client’s energy and ‘psychic vision’ starting for counsellor positive energy flows and the vibration is good. Counsellor can tune into a higher degree of accuracy. Easy to talk to strangers ‘clear vision’ and just being focused on the client Doing a meditation session before and after the session also helps with the opening of discussions as both the psychic counsellor and the client can clear mind before the session and focus on the session for the opening and the ending can be closure and rest time of the session. Healing…show more content…
Psychic counsellor reminder to them that they have 2 ears and 1 mouth so use them in proportion as you counsel Never tell the client always ask the client Listen to their answer then listen and reply to them The action of telling or told are strong actions to use with people as it triggers being a child as a parent would use on a child using the action of asking or suggestions work better and have a better connection on both parties Clients feel more comfortable with this and opens up (childhood memories) free will has a choice of their discussion on what to do their life to live not yours (counsellor) counsellor gives ideas and suggestions Client can also recognise and come up with their own solutions to the problems at hand as well this sign shows that they are healing and taking action now to their life as the negative energy holds us back and clouds our judgement and thinking but with the positive thinking options and thinking are more open and attuned to thinking and more options open up for discussions to work more paths open up For the psychic counsellor don’t put to much pressure on yourself it is there ‘free will’ to change use the technique tools you provide for them it is up to them to go forward with healing nobody

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