4th Amendment Privacy

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Should the government have the power to open up your emails, hear your phone calls, and read all of your text messages? Government monitoring digital intelligence should not be able to happen because it is an infringement of the 4th amendment, government control also adds holes in our personal security and intrudes the privacy of personal information. Even with the previous said, every single day in the United States of America, government officials are constantly invading our privacy and rights as citizens of America by constantly ease dropping on our conversations. The unreasonable search and seizures are a direct violation of our 4th amendment of a right to privacy with arbitrary governmental intrusions. “The law enforcement agencies will monitor every call, e-mail and SMS you send…” (“Beware: you are under watch” 1). The previous actions showed above from the quote should not even be happening because the people and the legislative branch should have already deemed the action unconstitutional with the power of judicial review because it violates the 4th amendment. Nevertheless, if it did not violate the statement above the government search and seizures of our private information should contradict the wants of the general public whom…show more content…
“How many times have you been at work and used the telephone, email or the internet for personal reasons? Anything from booking your car in for a service to conducting an affair? How would you feel if someone was listening or recording you?” (NIGEL 2). How would you feel is a great question because this part is primarily about peace of mind. Now imagine every email, work or text you said or sent was being monitored and you know that this is happening. That feeling is one to not be enjoy
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