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Net Neutrality When it comes to the topic of net neutrality most of us will readily agree that net neutrality is a positive system that should be passed due to it being an open Internet system that allows great quality. Net working prices do not affect the users. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of why is net neutrality a bad thing? When it comes to the FCC who are trying to inflict on neutrality by having the government gain the utmost control of companies by permitting them to charge higher fees when accessing faster. Whereas some are convinced that, when it comes to net neutrality the system would come at a affordable price which, means internet will maintain a well speed and websites will not have a chance…show more content…
Net neutrality should be passed, so that ISP’s would be prevented on personal preferences towards the Internet. Internet public utility: Is a way for providers who are seeking to have their materials load faster onto the internet by paying the ISP’s more money compared to other providers who don’t which, causes them to have a slower speed. With net neutrality is allows the freedom of many individuals to demonstrate their own cognitive way of thinking without being punished for it. Schools have ways of getting on the Internet and use it for any projects or other school activities. Obama is trying to protect net neutrality by formulating a plan that will allow net neutrality to say open. In a campaign that was held in 2007 Obama pronounced himself to be “ a strong supporter” when it came to net neutrality. In the article The case of net neutrality, in January of 2010 there was appeals that was done by the U.S federal who were trying to strike net neutrality down. However, it was nearly closed down, yet not consummated, because of the promise Obama made when he took a pledge. In purpose of 8.1 the internet conserves what they would call an “ open platform” which, modifies the consumer to have freedom expressing oneself, without innovation

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