The Importance Of The 4th Amendment

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Through the relationship between the British and the colonist, the British repeatedly continued to violate the power that was given to them. They would constantly ignored colonist, and also intrude into their properties, and violate the colonist’s rights. But, through constant grievances of their violated rights, the colonists were able to later on, officially make a constitution for themselves. One of the most important amendment’s throughout the constitution are, amendments 4, 6, and 9. Throughout the declaration of independence, these three amendments are the keys, which unlocked the freedom of Americans today. The 4th amendment was officially made around 1791, due to the lack of respect, from the British, this law was abused. But later this amendment was made, for the people freedom. The reason why colonist approved this amendment was because, while the British were at rule; colonist continued to complain about their rights of property and their privacy. But as usual the British continued to, stubbornly, ignore them. These actions were…show more content…
The ninth amendment states that, the government shall not deny the rules that are displayed as a right. Well the main reason why this amendment was made was because, of how the British unfairly violated their rules. While the British were at rule over the colonist, the British ignorantly, denied the rights for justice for the people. But Throughout the passage of the declaration of independence, an example of the colonist being ignorant is shown in (line115);which it says “They too have been deaf to the voice of justice”. While the British were at rule they also abolished important rights for the people. These actions of the British, are shown in (line82), saying “…abolishing our most valuable laws”. Even though the colonist had a hard time living a free life, they were luckily able to ratify these important

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