What Did Edward Snowden Do?

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My Name is Daniel T. Caputi. My selected article is, "The NSA and Snowden: Securing the All-Seeing Eye" by famous author Bob Token. For starters what did Edward Snowden Do? He is not the average 29 year old male. He was a contractor for the U.S. National Security Administration (NSA) up to the year 2013. The NSA is in charge of National security, they spy on Americans phone calls, emails, text messages, and surveillance through public cameras. They do all of these warrantless searches in the name of “public safety”. Edward Snowden had worked for the NSA as a Systems Administrator. Edward had pulled off the biggest information leak of the 20th century while he worked for the NSA. The director of the NSA Keith B. Alexander stated, “That part…show more content…
Somehow Edward Snowden was able to remove large amounts of classified information well above his security clearance. He had removed this information without anyone finding out for an undisclosed amount of time. After an investigation, the NSA believed Snowden had done so on a removable flash memory device, a (USB). Secondly How Did Edward Snowden do this? As famous author Bob Toxen had written, he “copied up to1.7 million top-secret and above documents, smuggling copies on a thumb drive out of the secure facility in which he worked and releasing many of those documents to the press” (Toxen 44). It is rumored that this act alone can cause “grave danger to the national security” (44). Because this information has been leaked it has also showed the NSA it has weak points in its information security. Thirdly what could have stopped Edward Snowden from stealing this classified information? A better security system maybe? Or a different technique within the NSA? The NSA should have many different kinds of security in place. To access this information there should be systems designed to stop leaks of information where high security is needed. As famous author Bob Toxen had written “There are a number of security methods the NSA could have used that would have stopped Snowden. Many of these have been in use for a decade or more, yet the NSA did not use them” (Token 46). As a reader…show more content…
Author Bob Token had written the “place to start in this case would be pre-venting sys admins or others from getting into unauthorized systems” (Toxen 46). Bob also believes that there should be different segments and even different systems in place, he also feels that all of these systems should be encrypted so that it is extremely hard to penetrate and gain access to this information (Toxen 46).It was too easy for Edward Snowden to have access to these files. Edward found a way around the Network security by gaining access to the passwords of different users and there passwords. Edward most likely obtained access because he was a system admin and had taken full advantage of his position. It appears that Edward used others confidential information to access the information he needed for hacking

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