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12 Angry Men Twelve Angry Men film was created in 1957 and direct by Sidney Lumet. The movie is about how one man changes the minds of an entire jury. The group of a juror's have very different personalities and thoughts over the crime. Many of the men are looking to escape the heat of the room and don’t even hesitate to completely take thought in all the evidence. The movie shows how society is always so quickly to blame the one accused of it, and don’t take much consideration on what’s being put on them. Twelve Angry Men took only 19 days to shoot. Hearing the title of the movie it says their are 12 angry men but in reality many of the men aren't necessarily angry. They are more upset about being in the hot conditions of the room with…show more content…
After all the evidence is gone over the judge orders the jury to discuss the case until they all come up with an agreement. Once the men sit down they go over a few rules with the case and some start talking about where they need to be. Already from this part of the movie many of the men haven’t gave much thought on the victims side. The head juror sat everyone back down and asked everyone to take a vote on who thought he was guilty. Every single man except juror number eight raised his hand. The other jurors pounded him and asked him what in his mine says that the kid is not the murder. As you can see the men jump to one side, but looking at the evidence all the clues do say the kid is guilty. The director of the film targets the film all around the jury room. He really focusses on the people that are more angry with the man that voted against them. The men that were more upset than others were the ones that wanted or had to be somewhere else. Those men could care less on what happened to the kid. Juror eight knew he could still be wrong, and also knew that all 12 jurors would have to come to the same agreement to be able to convict him innocent or guilty. No matter what was the actually truth in the case juror eight took charge in his belief and wanted to give the kid a fair

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