Bow Riding Vs Western Riding Research Paper

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There are two common style of horseback riding, english and western. Each style is used for something different, but there is no wrong time to ride either way. Neither way of riding is easier than the other. Western and english riding have many things in common, as well as differences. One of the most obvious differences in english and western riding is the kind of tack that the horses wear. English saddles are smaller and lighter than western saddles. Also, western saddles have a horn on the front. English saddle pads typically are not as thick as western pads. This is because the saddle is not as heavy and english saddles do not cover the same amount of the horse’s back as western saddles do. Bridles are another difference in tack. In western riding, there are multiple types of bits that are available for different training techniques and purposes. English bridles typically use either a snaffle bit, a simple jointed bit, or a curb bit, a solid bit with an upward curve in the middle. English is typically ridden with one rein that hooks to both sides of a bit. You can ride western…show more content…
When you ride english, you can compete in dressage, english pleasure, eventing, field hunter, fox hunting, show jumping and polo. In western, you can compete in mounted shooting, polo, reining, trail, pleasure, rodeo, and gymkhanas. For each style, you are required different things. When you are riding english, you are commonly have a more erect posture while in western, you are more relaxed. English and western riding both require coordination and a knowledge of what you are doing. You aren’t going to hop on a 16 hands tall horse and jump a six foot tall english jump when you first begin. You aren’t going to get on an inexperienced horse and expect them to be the next World Reining Champion horse. You still have to practice, and have the knowledge of how to ask your horse, and how to train your

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