12 Angry Men Character Traits

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Twelve Angry men is a play and movie about a nineteen year old boy who is accused of stabbing his father to death. There are twelve Jurors for this trial and there are three jurors who stood out some bad, good and so so. A good juror that stood out is Juror nine, the juror that stood out as bad was juror ten, and my so so juror is juror four. These jurors had positive and negative impacts. My Bad Juror is Juror #10 An example of Juror number 10 trying to intimidate the other Jurors is when he slammed the door and yelled at Juror number nine. He does this because he thinks he is more powerful then his fellow companions. So he tries to scare them. This tactic by number ten doesn't really work he just makes himself look like a jerk. Trying to intimidate people may work sometimes but it didn't work here and it isn't a good trait to have because you end up making yourself look like a fool and it makes you a bad Juror. Juror ten was very racist one of the most racist people I have…show more content…
Juror four didn't do this many times but he did it a couple of times and he said things like this. This isn't a trait that I would want a juror to have if I was on trial because he is just being opinionated on where you come from. Juror four was opinionated “We aren't here to go into reasons why the slums are breeding grounds for criminals; they are” He is saying that everyone that comes out of the slums are criminals. They aren't and there is proof because juror five came out of the slums and he isn't a criminal. This is a bad characteristic to have because you are automatically thinking something that maybe isn't right like this for instance. I wouldn't want someone who is voting on my life to have this trait. Like since this kid is from the slums he is a criminal. My Good Juror is

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