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The Saguaro National Park is an underappreciated gem located in the southern region of the State of Arizona. Saguaro National Park consists of two areas called “districts” located on either side of Tucson. The two districts, the Rincon Mountain and Tucson Mountain Districts, were created in order to preserve the Saguaro cacti forests, which gave the park its name (Nature). This national park is located within the sprawling Sonoran Desert, the hottest desert in Mexico. Saguaro National Park receives about 10 inches of rain a year, mostly during winter and monsoon season (Nature; Jim). Despite being in a desert, the elevation of the park ranges from as low as about 2,000 feet above sea level up to around 8,666 feet above sea level, enabling the area to exhibit six distinct biomes, or “biotic communities” which house a surprisingly large variety of wildlife (Nature). The park is most famous for the endangered Saguaro Cactus it houses and displays, which grow extremely slowly but can rise up…show more content…
The Saguaro cactus serves as the symbol of the State of Arizona, and it is easy to see why when one is in view. According to my friend Omar, who has visited the national park, entering the Saguaro forest is a breathtaking experience that he described as “humbling”. The wildlife here is both diverse and robust. Many plants are covered in thick thorns, which discourage weaker enemies from feasting upon them and put up a bloody defense against more stubborn predators. However, some animals have developed resistances to these defenses. One example I have read about is the peccary, a pig-like animal that can eat prickly pear cactus petals without any injury to its mouth or body. The unique forms of life that thrive in these sorts of conditions, as well as the intricate interplay between ever-evolving wildlife and the geological environment make Saguaro National Park an interesting topic for

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