Huck Finn Argumentative Essay

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Huck Finn and Jim are what I like to call true grit cowboys. They strived for adventure and the most important thing that makes these fellows different is the strive for freedom. They never gave up and they did whatever was necessary to achieve the goal of happiness. They both had different reasons to go for what they felt was needed to achieve the goal. The search was not easy, they came across many obstacles. They each had different back stories, Jim was a slave and Huck well he was a free soul in a cage. They both craved the open air and the life with no reins. No one to tell them how to live or how to act or dress. They would have the will to do as they please. As they strived to meet this goal they encounter a number of challenges that…show more content…
Not only from getting caught by the slave trappers but from the cruel nature forces. Some say that he had a bond with Jim. Almost like a partnership, something that does not happen often. This is another example of freedom. He had the choice to rebel against majority of the white population. To help a restless soul, like his own. Now let us take a look at Jim he was a slave with a family. Jim’s family was why he went for the freedom. He knew that a life of slavery was not meant for people or anything for that point. Jim had a wife and children that he was separated from. He wanted to be free to go back to his family and free them. He loved them and that they needed him. He was not going to quit till he knew they were safe. Something that Jim had that nobody could take was the freedom of thought. His thoughts ran wild. In Jim’s mind he was free. Free to be with his wife and kids. No one could take that away from him. Huck and Jim gave each other strength. That of they went a little further or worked a little harder. They would obtain the goal of freedom. They were free before they actually felt it. Their mind was free. They were free long before the escape and long before they were under the impression that they were

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