Jack Lord Of The Flies Argumentative Essay

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Standing before the fire, Jack looked eminently satisfied while a small, fervorous group of boys were sitting before him. Out of the group, one boy seemed to uniquely stand out, Roger. Unlike the others, he was neither passionate nor determined to follow up with his own thoughts, but he did save them once. Without the full clarity of the sun, the boys were nearly imperceptible of one another with the exception of Jack, who was beside the fire, casting a warm glow upon his shaggy figure. “Hunters,” he called, “we control the fire now!” They cheered jovially in concordance. “So, we must celebrate!” pausing for a moment, Jack went on, “Listen, right now, I’m going to take some of the hunters into the forest and kill a pig. When we come back,…show more content…
“Well, you better get back to the hunt. You’re scared of Jack, right?” said the Lord of the Flies. “You don’t want him to think you got scared and ran away from the hunt, now do you?” Roger essayed to speak in justification, but it was all true. However, he still pretended to be confident and refuted the Lord of the Flies saying, “No I’m not. I’m not scared of JACK--” Gradually getting louder, and louder, he repeats, “JACK!” in vain attempts to call him. “Don’t even bother trying. You know perfectly well he won’t come. And anyways, you'll meet me wherever you go--so stop trying to escape!” Until now, Roger had been totally neglectful of the fact that this so called ‘Lord of the Flies’ knew exactly what he was thinking. So, Roger asked, “Wait, what did you just say? I’m going to meet you wherever I go?” “Well,” said the Lord of the Flies, “of course. Don’t tell me.. You didn’t know?” Moments of pure stillness went by without a squeak from either of them when Roger laboured to bring forth one barely audible word. “No?” “Oh dear, you poor child,” said the Lord of the Flies. “Let me make this clear for you. I’m the Beast. I’m part of you. I’m the reason why things are the way they are around

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