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In the movie 12 Angry Men the viewer is able to witness twelve different personalities of the members of the jury. The goal of this jury/group is to come to a consensus as to whether or not the eighteen year old defendant is guilty of murder. According to Bruce Tuckman, healthy work groups need to go through four stages of development: forming, norming, storming and performing. This paper will examine the specific examples of these stages in the movie. Who were the 12 Angry Men? • Juror 1: Foreman of the jury, interested in keeping the deliberations orderly, rather than the outcome of the case. He is supportive of others ideas and he is the 9th juror to change his vote from guilty to not guilty. • Juror 2: A very meek and somewhat timid bank clerk. He is often talked over by others and shouted down. He is the 5th juror to change is vote from guilty to not guilty. • Juror 3: Very loud and gets worked up rather quickly. He is stubborn. He also recognizes that the trial cannot be won or loss. He sees the defendant as if he was his…show more content…
The greatest representation of the development of cohesion in the group comes after the vote of 3 to 9 when eleven of the men literally turn their backs on Juror 10, who is criticizing minorities and his personal racist attitude. Juror 4 (the stock broker) silences him by telling him to, “sit down and don’t open your mouth again”. The group does maintain norms of how the votes will be cast, although the method changes from a show of hands to a secret ballot and ultimately a verbal poll, there is always agreement among the men before the voting proceeds. Each vote is a performance of the task for which the men are responsible. This process repeats itself until a total of seven votes have been solicited and a unanimous verdict is agreed

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