National Security In Pakistan

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National security is a pragmatic approach ensuring the sense of just and peace in the society and giving it’s people a sense of security and safety. The security patterns of any state paved the way for external interventions and make it a piece of cake or not for external ravels, international actors and regional countries to secure their own interests. National security is and has been a major concern for Pakistan since long. Pakistan is also facing interlinked challenges internal and external igniting as a prime threat. Internal challenges include bad governance, corrupt and fragile institutions, weak and tumbling economy, sectarianism…show more content…
Now, Pakistan is facing various kinds of threats; both traditional and non-traditional such as extremism, sectarian violence, separatist movements, political and economic instability, terrorism, and feudalism are the traditional internal threats linked with external factors. These activities are going on in different parts of the country. Black Water, CIA, Raw, NDS, KGB and many other security agencies of different countries are trying their best to destroy Pakistan, wherever possible. FATA is strategically one of the most important parts of the country, where such security breaching activities are happening on daily basis and these agencies have made sound grounds there for their activities. FATA became the source of terrorism in country and proved a safe haven for terrorists and extremists. These terrorists are continuously challenging the internal security of the state, territorial integrity and are jeopardizing the accomplishment of its national interests. There are also proven evidences of the foreign involvement in these…show more content…
In addition, Pakistan should also persuade all members of SAARC to make this forum a mutually beneficial organization. . Pakistan’s geographic location offers immense economic opportunities. Availability of peaceful security environments along its eastern and western borders is paramount to accrue the benefit of economic opportunities. However, Pakistan should be mindful that any policy selected will not entirely be under its control due to global influence, and the selected option will also have to be acceptable to all other actors and cater for all other factors. In Regard, it will have to be sufficiently flexible to adjust to modifications resulting from the factors and actors that Pakistan can’t control. But ultimately some radical step has to be taken to eradicate the evils from society as it is

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