Pros And Consequences Of Terrorist Organizations

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Terrorist organizations and terrorists, regardless of ideology, require financing to further their cause and goals. The financing they receive come from numerous sources, both legal and illegal. Additionally, the level of financing to sustain their cause and support operations varies between organizations and individuals. The increasingly globalized nature of the economy and terrorism coupled with the adaptability of terrorist organizations makes funding easier to procure. Utilizing their funds terrorist organizations can access weapons of mass destruction through a variety of means. Targeting weak or failing states that already possess weapons of mass destruction for theft, diversion, or transfer is one strategy that may be used by terrorists. The increased sharing of knowledge and technology is another avenue terrorist organizations can exploit to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Despite the increasing ease which this information is available there are still practical constraints to their acquisition and use. Terrorist Financing Terrorists and terrorist organizations need financing to fund their operations. Overtime sources of terrorists funding has evolved as the world has shifted. During the Cold War era many terrorist organizations relied on a level of…show more content…
This is important to understand when examining their sources of financing and acquisition strategies for weapons of mass destruction. Successful terrorist organizations have diversified their funding streams after the decrease of state funding. They have actively integrated legal and illegal funding sources, adapting to pressure placed on them by legal authorities. Some terrorist organizations have integrated legitimate business enterprises into their revenue models. It can be expected as new technologies emerge for the quick collection and transfer of funds, terrorist organizations will embrace these changes to thwart

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