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  • Cyber Crime Literature Review

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    Cyber crime has increased significantly as the Internet became ubiquitous. This increased research in the field of sociology and criminology to understand this new field of crime, which is very different compared to traditional crimes. However, sociologists and criminologists try to apply traditional sociological theories to explain cyber crime. This literature review examines the reliability of Routine Activity Theory (RAT) to explain victimization of cyber crime in relation to activities online

  • Essay On Breaking The Norm

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    Breaking the Norm We live in a world where everyone is expected to behave a certain way to meet societies’ expectations. The culture where a person comes from has a significant impact on ways people should be acting. According to Pitman (2012), “Much of what we do on a daily basis from small things, such as where we go to buy coffee, to bigger issues such as deciding what career to pursue is influenced by the norms of the social and cultural groups we belong too.” Because we have many people around

  • African Psychology Vs Western Psychology

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    Peter Boshoff 1855842 22/02/18 “Western Psychology and African Psychology have emerged as alternative philosophical engagements with ideas about the self and perspectives on human behaviour. By focusing on Western and African schools of thought, describe the fundamental tenets of these approaches in detail.” Western Psychology and African Psychology have evolved into two erudite and contrasting schools of thought, which present unique conceptualisations of the self and of human behaviour

  • Literature Review On Crime

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    So far, there has been no conclusive answer to this question. Many experts in law and sociology of law for that matter agree that crime statistics is not a fair reflection of crime rate at any point in time within a given geographical area. Due to this assertion, there is the idea of a ‘dark figure’ surrounding crime statistics. This ‘dark

  • Sociological Perspectives

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    Sociological Perspectives Social networking sites have become so common that over two-thirds of the adult population all across the world uses one or the other kind of social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and many others. Sociologists offer a window into how individuals present and differentiate themselves while using social networking sites. The sociological perspectives, namely, functionalism, conflict and interactionism facilitate understanding the social relationships

  • Examples Of Agents Of Socialization

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    According to the information in my textbook, Sociology in Modules, 4th edition (Schaefer, 2018), both organized religion and government have impacted the life course by re-instituting some of the rites of passages once observed in agricultural communities and early industrial societies. This means that

  • Gender Ideology In Literature

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    This is vital to consider when looking into feminist criticism, as Dobell likens these sisters as ‘a little bird’ and this reflects attitudes towards gender at this time. Gender Ideology is a major factor to consider in this idea, as the bars of the cage may represent the prison bars of society and class. The language used in Ohmann’s essay clearly resembles the ideological values at this time. The questioning of Dobell towards the thoughts and ideas of the Bronte sisters is notable, and gender ideology

  • Organic Solidarity

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    features, demographic features, types of norms in existence and the intensity and content of the conscience collective Organic solidarity is defined as the social unit based on a division of labour that results in people depending on each other. In sociology organic solidarity

  • Nirbhaya Rape Case Study

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    We have the best culture. In our culture there isn’t a place for a woman…..If you put the ‘girl’ who is like a gem out on the street there certainly will be taken by the dogs” “The male companion of the murdered 23-year-old was wholly responsible for the incident as the unmarried couple should not have been on the streets at night. “Until today I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady. Even an underworld don would not like to touch a girl with respect.” -Manohar

  • Behavioural Science Vs Normal Science

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    Behavioural science is different from normal science but if we analyses to these two sciences in the modern society the application will be similar in some point of view. If we exclude one from another barrier will be seen in functioning of social world. Behavioural science and normal science both are correlated to each other. So the assumption of human being can and ought to be studies use natural science method and for understand of human being. According to behavioural science it is the systematic