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  • America Cherish Diversity

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    There is a clashing debate going on about whether America cherishes its diversity or not. Typically, most people would say that yes, America does cherish its diversity. But based after our debate last Friday, most people changed their answers to no. We’ve read 2 articles during last week that can be very controversial to this debate. Jena McGregor states that no, America does not cherish diversity, but Eboo Patel’s view addresses that America does cherish its diversity. In my opinion, I think that

  • Bonds: Understanding And Working With Young People

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    Bonds Understanding and working with young people What is BONDS? Bonds is a guideline for individuals or organisations to use when trying to have an effective approach when working with young people. Bonds = Meaning. The Collins dictionary meaning states 1. Something that binds, fasten or holds together. 2. Something that unites people. How to you can create a healthy BOND? I believe you can create a healthy bond with a young person by ensuring you meet three vitals components. These are stated

  • Morgellons Disease

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    Many times embarrassing videos or stories are posted by friends or family who wish to share what they find funny or intriguing, but sometimes they do it without informing the subject of the video or story. This was the case for Ghyslain Raza. He took a video of himself uncoordinatedly swinging around a pole like a jedi. His friends later posted this video without Raza’s knowledge and the video went viral. Millions of people have watched it and know Raza only as the “star wars kid.” Seife uses the

  • Machiavelli

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    On the one hand, Smith deals with division of labour for economic benefit while on the other hand, Macchiavelli deals with division of “moral labor” for social benefit. The economic division of labour is a form of specialisation, where individuals concentrate on the production of a particular good or service. In his book ‘Wealth of Nations”, Smith argues that division of labour is they key to economic efficiency. It is a natural component of life where each individual is motivated by self-interest

  • Personal Moral Outrage: Video Analysis

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    My personal moral outrage is women and men should be equal. I’m from China. That’s the true thing in the video. The genderside is from thousands years ago. In the ancient, If any imperial concubine born a boy, her position will be go up. Because a sun would be a empire in the future that her mom will be the highest position in China. So every imperial concubine want to born a boy, they even use some medicine for help them born a boy. As time goes by, in the 19 century, people also want to the boy

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To Indiana

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    Often times I find myself asking the same question, who am I and what do I want society to perceive me as? This is the question that I have grown up asking myself. It started when I moved to Indiana. Being from the northern part of South Carolina all of the students in my school dressed nice and had an accent, but when I moved to an Indiana school no one had an accent and the people dressed in different ways. It is almost as if you could pick out the “tribes” that people were placed in. In this context

  • Women In Charlotte Parkins Stetson's The Yellow-Paper

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    The 19th century was a time of legal slavery in America; women were seen as dolls to be shown off by their “masters” being expected to heed every word their husbands said, know only the things their husbands wished and to submit their intellectual and emotional freedom. In Charlotte Parkins Stetson’s short story The Yellow Wall­-Paper, Perkins demonstrates how women lose their identities to society’s oracular feminist structures; when the main character tries to conquer this false vision of herself

  • Barn Burning Research Paper

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    One may find themselves in the situation where they must choose between their own flesh and blood and basic morality. Often, depending on our relationship with them, we will choose loyalty to our family rather than the “correct” moral choice, for the sake of those loved ones. Regardless if that person is in the wrong or right. Barn Burning “derive[s] from the necessity for important characters to choose between two different sets of moral imperatives: the ties of blood and kinship, on the one hand

  • Arrest Rates In Low-Income Communities

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    Ishmael Hawkins SOC 318 Schewe HW 2 I am studying arrest rates among persons living in economically disadvantaged communities, because i want to know the extent to which individuals living in low-income areas are predisposed to getting arrested for various crimes. I am studying this in order to help readers better understand disparities in arrest rates between communities of different economic standing. Secondly, I hope for this study to stimulate further discourse on the socioeconomic factors that

  • Mcelwee's Influence Of Hate Speech On Social Media

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    Khaaliq Crowder 9/30/2015 Advanced English Composition Professor Taylor Sean McElwee’s main idea he’s trying to convey in his article is that hate speech has reached the masses of the internet and there needs to censorship of that. One example of hate speech on social media is a hashtag #unbonjuif (“ a good jew”) that trending on Twitter in France. It was only blocked in that country alone given its violation for that particular country. Other than Twitter, there are