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  • Hidden Curriculum Analysis

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    In sociology, judgments are not made on whether something is actually and objectively wrong or right. For example, to define something as a social problem, this issue must be defined as a “social problem” by the society that is under study. Regardless if the

  • Reflection In The Classroom

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    During the data collection process, a camcorder was set up at the back of the classroom. It was done in order not to interfere with the students’ concentration during the lesson. There was also a concern regarding the possibility of unnatural behaviour which might occur if the camera was set up in front of the class. Therefore, the camera was mainly directed at the teacher. With such a position of the camera, however, the researcher could only have a partial view of the classroom. As a consequence

  • Social Institutional Theory

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    The theoretical framework of the study is presented in this chapter. Firstly, the new institutional theory is explained. The application of the institutional theory is valuable in this research, as the field of social entrepreneurship is growing, there are increasing awareness about this type of organizations in the society. As DiMaggio and Powell (1983) point out, the homogenization powers affect organizations, when the field becomes defined. Moreover, organizations which are involved in a human

  • Essay On Youth Empowerment

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    Youth Empowerment through NSS Programme with Special Reference to Kongu Arts and Science College, Erode P.Annadurai* Abstract Youth represent the hope and future of a nation. The youth have a vital role to play in promoting and strengthening of social consciousness against social evil and traditions. Youth empowerment is an attitudinal, structural and cultural process whereby youth gain ability, authority and agency to make decision and implementing the change intheir own lives and the society

  • Essay On Wellbeing

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    Attaining and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing in a society is a must. To attain optimal health, lifestyle that is health-oriented should be emphasized. Moreover, wellbeing has a close connection to health because it is seen to have correlation in terms of addition of life years, recovery from illnesses, having positive health behaviors and positive outcomes, and has implications toward the relationship between patients and health care providers (Smedley, Stith, & Nelson, 2002). Essentially

  • Things Fall Apart Novel Analysis

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    Chapter I THE PROBLEM Introduction African literature has tended to reflect the cultural and political phases of the continent because African fiction has been very much influenced by culture and politics. Beginning from the colonial days, African fiction spans the succession of cultural clashes and political crises which have beset the continent. For the countries in Africa, the experience of colonialism plays an important role in the process of understanding their history. Postcolonial studies

  • Nation Building In India

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    Introduction: This paper begins with the deconstruction of the concept of “nation building” and how it differs from “national development” and “sate building”. The differences between these terms are reviewed by comparing previous scholarly works. We shall also look at how the notion of “nation building” in India has differed from its Western equivalent. The paper covers a period of seventeen post-independence years (1947-1964) due to the fact that these were the years of Jawaharlal Nehru’s tenure

  • Discourse Analysis Of Prayut Cho Cha

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    A Critical Discourse Analysis of Prayut Chan-o-cha’s Speeches of Elections and Reforms Rachayanandhana Phraekhao 5406610039 1 Introduction Politics is a struggle of power in order to put certain political, economic and social ideas into practice. In this process, language plays a crucial role. Every political action is prepared, accompanied, influenced and played by language. This paper analyses the political discourse of General Prayut Chan-o-Cha, the Prime Minister of Thailand who gave the

  • Essay On Social Identity Theory

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    The narrative of violence in South African communities with regard to social action as it applies to the case study of the violent strike and killing of mine workers at Marikana in August 2012. On the 16th August 2012, there was a massacre of 34 workers by the South African state police at Lonmim Marikana. This essay aims to explain how the Social Identity Theory accounts for the violence in South African communities, with particular reference to the Marikana massacre. I am going to explain the

  • Mnc Business Network Theory

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    The perspective has evolved from the field of macro-sociology, social history and cultural studies (DiMaggio & Powell 1983). Since the 1970s the new institutional theory has been developed to link the institutional argument to the practices and structure of organisations (Scott 1995). DiMaggio and Powell