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  • The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time Analysis

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    The idea of conformity can often times seem like a negative aspect from its connotation, but if one has an inwardly questioning voice, the effects of conformity can benefit the character. Authors such as Mark Haddon and John Steinbeck shape a stronger meaning with tools that create an inwardly questioning and outwardly conforming character. By formulating a book that is itself a metaphor and using animals as a metaphor for society, the inward and outward ways are demonstrated. In the novel, The Curious

  • The Importance Of Equality In Society

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    In the modern 21st century, people of all colors and creed can concede that everyone, regardless of their distinctions, ideally should be guaranteed fair and equal opportunities and treatment within the societies they reside in. Yet, equality does have its limits, and those limits should not be broken when that zeal of achieving total equality violates the rights of the individual and transgresses against the natural and sociocultural boundaries of that population of the society as a whole. With

  • Social Learning Theory

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    Labeling theory and social learning theory are two theories that may be compared and contrasted because the theories are somewhat similar but still differ. Although these theories have their similarities and differences, one theory may prove to be more convincing in terms of giving a better account for crime and having better theory-related policies that would best help to decrease crime rates. Under labeling theory, criminal behavior is based on the state stamping the behavior as criminal, instead

  • Social Group Definition

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    Q.1) what do you understand by social groups? (Define, describe and discuss) Ans.- “A group is a set of people engaged in frequent interaction; they identify with one another; they are defined by others as a group’ they share values, beliefs and norms about areas of common interest; they define themselves as a group; they come together to work on common tasks and for agreed purposes” Any physical collection of people regardless of the size who share a common interest and works

  • Coming To America Movie Analysis

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    This movie review of Coming to America a comedy romance-based film that depicts many of the 80s era’s practices of popular culture themes and sociological concepts for different social cultures during the 80s’ era and reflect still today. The film illustrated themes of popular culture in elite, high, and low culture rooted though the 80s’ epoch. Its context also provided concepts of critical theory, upper- class ritual formality, cultural consumption, and insight of a hidden dominant sociological

  • Advantages Of Face To Face Communication

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    As society progresses, a large portion of what our ancestors used to participate in has become obsolete. While most of the communication back in the early seventies relied heavily on letters, the existence of landlines soon made that obsolete. This shows that face-to-face communication has been declining for a while now. This is not necessarily a bad thing because there are certain features of traditional communication that need a serious upgrade. Social media aids effective communication by being

  • Islamic Banking Assignment

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    Peshawar, Pakistan Objective The following study has been conducted to test and evaluate the effects of factors such as government support, social influence, service facilitation, intention to use, cost effectiveness and religious factors on customer’s attitude towards using Islamic banking in Peshawar, Pakistan. Significance The significance of the context is that it is useful in estimating how the above mentioned variables affect and drive customers towards Islamic banking, weather a trend towards

  • Quantitative And Qualitative Approach

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    This paper begins with a discussion of quantitative and qualitative paradigms and how it can have an effect on the way research is conducted followed by the researchers own choice of paradigm. Next, the paper offers an opposing view of the philosophical framework chosen. Qualitative approach is used to research the reasons, opinions and motivations. It is seen as exploratory research that could provide insights for the problem at hand. It also allows to find trends and more in-depth knowledge of

  • Why I Admire Steve Jobs

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    In the history of entrepreneurship, passionate commitment to the vision, certainty that the vision can be achieved and is worth achieving is a conviction to be observed in all successful entrepreneurs. But very few of them have changed our lives, changed the way we exchange thoughts, changed the nature of technology, and in fact shook the industry. Even fewer have brought changes across industries. These are the great innovators who make us believe that ideas matter, that ideas shape the future and

  • Van Dijk's Theory Of News Discourse

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    In critical studies of media discourse , Van dijk is mostly referenced and quoted amoung CDA practitioners and is even referenced in studies that do not necessarily fit in CDA perspective (e.g. Karim, 2000; Ezewudo, 1998). In 1980s, with the focus on the representation of ethnic groups & minorities in Europe , he started his discourse analysis theory to media texts. In his News Analysis (1988), Dijk inegrated his general theory of discourse to the discourse of news in the press, and applied his