The Hangover Movie Sociology

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My ten year old brother is obsessed with videogames and is constantly getting games taken from him because he tries to mock the fighting moves on Mortal Combat on all of us. As PTC includes on their site, “television violence can lead to imitation,” (PTC). My brother knows that violence is wrong, but he does not realize that “play fighting” can lead to someone getting hurt, and sometimes it can escalate to bigger fights and arguments. It has been proven that children have a hard time connecting the repercussions to their actions because their brain is not fully developed in that sense. Children have trouble differentiating between fantasy and reality, especially when they are so indulged in media forms. As Gail Sears states in her article,…show more content…
“And I mean it,”” (McGinnis). There are certain social ideas that children should not be exposed to because it can influence them. As a father, Galifianakis is concerned with how other parents think the Hangover is an “okay” watch for people under seventeen because of the vulgarity and millions of other negative ideas portrayed throughout the film. When I go to see a rated R movie, it doesn’t influence me to do or try new things because I have already been exposed to many things at my age which allow me to react maturely and know that it is just a movie. Children cannot always do that. Watching The Hangover as an adult is a different experience than watching it as an adolescent. Adults laugh because the things the actors do is so dumb and unrealistic. Kids laugh and don’t realize that those actions aren’t things they should aim to try or achieve in life. The government realizes the maturity difference between adults and kids and censors the media as another form of the checks and balances of…show more content…
I am role model when I am home, I am my brothers’ big sister. If they were to hear me cursing left and right they would probably think it was okay, even if they knew I was saying “bad words”. Censoring obvious swear words out of songs on the radio is worth it. Leaving out an intense make out scene in a PG or PG-13 movie is worth it. The audience is what is important, and for the sake of the health and well-being of children, censorship is necessary. Mintcheva is incorrect when she claims that “no politician or public officer can afford to be on record as refusing to act on behalf of the children,” (167). It is not a political scheme to make money, censorship for the kids is beneficial to their health and growth. The government, organizations, parents, teachers, etc. all attempt to sanitize media forms for the children. When we censor ourselves it isn’t always for just us or the outcome, it is also for the sake of those around

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