Slumdog Millionaire Sociology

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**Bestowed the feel good film of the decade, "Slumdog Millionaire", directed by Danny Boyle, is the film to see. The film begins by showing the poverty in India in an entertaining but serious way and therefore still getting the point across. The two brothers, who are the main focus of the movie, Jamal Malik and Salim Malik live harsh lives having to resort to begging for money as well as stealing to make a decent living. After living rough the brothers manage to find Latika, a long lost friend who was separated from them at a young age, only to be separated from Jamal again by the mob boss who Salim joins forces with. Jamal, now determined to find Latika, ends up working in a call centre as a tea boy which helps him land a spot on the TV show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" hoping Latika will see him as well as try and meet up with him.…show more content…
The way that Jamal gets onto and wins "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" shows how the caste system has been weakened in the film. Because Jamal lived most of his life in the slums it should have been impossible for him to land a job at the call centre. Even as a tea boy, he was still currently higher than his previous status in the caste system. By winning "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" he was able to soar through the caste system and place himself at the top of it. It is a major shock to everyone when he is able to win all that since not even the most educated people that have participated on the show came close to winning as much

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