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Nash 1 Michelle Nash Arturo Valdespino English 1102 September 27, 2015 Literary Film Analysis: Forrest Gump Forrest Gump, based on the 1986 novel by Winston Groom, follows an Alabama gentleman through his tales about heroism, love, and loss. It all begins with a box of chocolates. He sits at a bench telling his story to different strangers, one at a time, as the movie progresses. Forrest tells stories about serving time in the military, attending school and playing football for the University of Alabama, falling in love, loosing friends, and becoming the CEO of a shrimping business. The film takes a comedic approach in taking its viewers through United States history. It depicts other minor subjects such as relationships between races as well…show more content…
Both, Jenny and her boyfriend are white. This scene shows how some whites did support the African-American race during the Civil Rights Movement. Another instance of race interaction is shown throughout Forrest’s time serving in the military, during the Vietnam War. Forrest befriends an African-American guy named Bubba Blue. Their friendship evolves throughout the movie and Bubba introduces Forrest to all kinds of shrimp. Eventually, Bubba dies in battle and towards the end of the movie Forrest opens up a shrimping business in memory of his friend. Other than these scenes, the movie doesn’t include other significant events that have to do with…show more content…
First off, the movie takes place in Alabama and most characters have the stereotypical southern accents. There’s also a scene when bullies from Forrest’s high school are chasing him. The truck that the guys are driving has a license plate of confederate flag, associated with the south, on it. Another example of southern living, was the house that Forrest grew up in. He lived in a plantation home, that one can only assume it had been passed down from generation to generation in his family. This common occurrence is nothing unusual for the south. The plantation home that Forrest and his mother lived in is just a glance of the stereotypical south that the movie showed. Although this is mean to say, Jenny was an example of the derogatory term, “white trash.” Her family was poor and lived in a run-down house. Her father was an Nash

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