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Introduction According to Wikipedia, “Ethnography is the systematic study of people and cultures” (Wikipedia 2015). Ethnographers look for patterns within cultural groups to understand and find meaning within social relationships. This involves extensive research and time, but shorter case studies of a centralized group can be conducted to create hypotheses to be further explored. Ovando and Combs describe culture as a dynamic, creative, and continuous process, which includes behaviors, values, and substances shared by people, that guides them in their struggle for survival, and gives meaning to their lives (Ovando & Combs, 2012, p. 228). Ethnographic studies are done to develop a deeper understanding of human behaviors that seek correlations with cultural phenomenon.…show more content…
The most recent and accurate data collected was in 2010. Some data from 2014 is available, but a great deal of it is estimated, therefore this study will be conducted from the 2010 data. The school district that the city encompasses is the William S. Hart District. Table 1.1 demonstrates the cities potential growth from 2010 through 2014 ("United States Census Bureau"). Ethnic Background According to the United States Census Bureau, the total population for the city of Santa Clarita is 176,320. With 56.1% of the population being White, 29.5% Hispanic, 8.3% Asian, 2.9% African American, .2% American Indian, .1% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 2.6% two or more races and .3% of another race ("United States Census Bureau"). The Department of Education's public database, shows the Ethnicities Statistics of students enrolled at William S. Hart Senior High School as, Asian 3.45%, African American 1.38%, Hispanic 41.01%, Pacific Islander 0.18%, American Indian/Alaskan 0.37%, Filipino 1.79%, White 49.01%, 2 or More Races 2.80%. These figures correlate closely with the general population of the city listed on the Table 1.2.

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