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  • Lal Ded And Kabir Das Analysis

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    The process of acculturation with the advent of Islam in India inspired thinkers, saints and poets. Even though, the saints-poets belonged to different regions, their ideas were remarkably similar. One such example of two poets who not only belonged to different regions but lived a century apart is Lal Ded and Kabir Das. Nonetheless, they shared the same ideas and beliefs. This is due to the harmony that prevailed in the society and the political and religious conditions of the times. A person irrespective

  • Religious Discrimination In Pakistan

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    constitution of Pakistan provides for freedom of religion to a certain extent but that is not what obtains in reality. The minority religions are discriminated against the major religion of Islam especially Christianity which is referred to as foreign religion from the Western countries. The history behind the Western nations and Asian countries is that the Western countries once colonised the Asian countries especially Britain. Islam and other religions only resurged actively after the British colonial

  • Oldtown Sktown Case Study Solution

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    No Title Page 1 Introduction 2 2 Country Profile 3 3 Culture 4 4 Economic System 5 5 Political System 6 6 Religion 7 7 Challenges and Problems 8 8 Currency Risk 9 9 Religion 10 10 Cultures Difference 11 11 Solutions 12 12 Solution regarding Currency Problem 13 13 Solution regarding Religion Problem 14 14 Solution regarding Cultural Difference 15 15 Conclusion 16 16 Bibliography 17-18   Introduction OldTown Berhad is a company founded in 1999, became the first white coffee manufacturer in Malaysia

  • Religious Education In Pakistan

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    The constitutional principles governing relations between state, religion and religious education. Some of the articles of our constitution quoted about religious education. Article 20,21,22,33 and 38 shows quotations about the religious education. Religious education produces consciousness of Islamic solidarity and the

  • Reflection On Islam And Secularism

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    According to the secular state and religion are considered each having a different direction should not be put together. Each one must be on their own track. This understanding is a reflection of the events that happened in my country several hundred years ago. Reading this book reminded me

  • Battle Of Maldon Analysis

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    The original manuscript of the ‘Battle of Maldon’ was destroyed in the Ashburnham House fire in 1731. Some of the poem has been lost however, it is not entirely clear how much. Consequently, this poem is a particularly difficult poem to comprehend as it is unclear what this poem is clearly trying to convey as readers are unsure what the entirety of the poem is about due to the loss of the beginning and end of the manuscript. The ‘Battle of Maldon’ poses a challenge to scholars as there are two

  • I Am Malala Speech

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    This being said, she has built her credibility through the use of ethos not just because she is a female, but because she was able to change the perspective of people despite her Islamic religion. In the beginning of her speech titled, Malala Yousafzai Nobel Peace Prize Speech, she explains the moral issue on girls going to school in the statement, “We had a thirst for education because our future was in the classroom. Education went from

  • Essay On Asian Civilization Museum

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    Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” I am a 20-year-old student who is currently attending the English Language Bridging Course (ELBC). Among the youths of 21st century, I am one of those who believe that it is important to know our history. Yesterday was a special day for me. All the ELBC students made a trip to the Asian Civilization Museum, a place where the traces of history of several civilizations are recorded. As usual, we

  • The Importance Of The Great Rite

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    The Great Rite at that time included both the physical and symbolic sexual intercourse. However, it must be noted that sexuality was simply used as a tool for representing a larger goal (that was ‘survival’) and the actual ritual had nothing to do with sex nor was a ‘sex magick’. The Great Rite was done for survival, hope, life, fertility not only for people but also plants and animals since animals needed plants too for their survival and man needed both plants and animals for his survival. Healthy

  • The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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    Animals are living creatures. They’re not a subjected for experiments. Using animals in scientific researches has been a topic of heated debate for decades. Selected people are pro in this test while others area con. People have different feelings for animals. Animals used as their companions while others view that animals are for scientific testing only. Several scientists only think how to making their test successfully without knowing that animal they use are being abused and maltreated. Not