Spirituality And Religion Affecting Australia's Identity

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Throughout history, religion and spirituality have been present in Australian society. The changes that have occurred have helped to mold Australia into a beacon of civic pluralism in a world plagued by social segregation and cultural division. Australia’s cohesive religious diversity has helped to form its identity today. The term religion is a widely known and used word. However, due to the elusive and extensive nature of the topic it is hard to accurately and precisely define. Many definitions are far too narrow that they can be considered bias and only include the individuals’ own belief. While others are considered too ambiguous that they do not adequately restrict religion from other areas of human opinions. The Australian High Court defined…show more content…
Unlike other nations, Australia can be classified as a society of egalitarianism. This quality has resulted in religious freedom for every member of society, regardless of wealth, ethnicity and social background. In Act 116 of the Australian Constitution, religion is protected and discrimination based on religion is prohibited . This demonstrates how the Australian Government is committed to mutual respect for all religions. This has encouraged international migrants fleeing from religious persecution to travel to Australia, ultimately increasing social and religious pluralism. The freedom to express individual religious beliefs is also tolerated and accepted under the conditions that religious hatred is not incited. This is stated in the 1975 Racial Discrimination Act and reestablishes that racial discrimination is unlawful. Australia and post war relationships that have developed throughout history have resulted in a strong sense of pluralism and a weak sense of nationalism. Australia can now be identified as an egalitarian society, a country of religious and cultural pluralism and cohesive

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