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  • Essay About Mudik

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    Idul Fitri (Lebaran in Bahasa) with their family, the religious feast in Moslem calendar. There is no idea when this tradition begins exactly in Indonesia. Today mudik or homecoming, not only affiliate with Moslem, but it has been practice in other religion and become national tradition in every Indonesian religious feast day event. While according to demography, mudik phenomena linked with urbanization, the reality doesn’t always cause negative image. Mudik impact in positive way was increasing the

  • Tolstoy's Letter To Gandhi

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    afraid to talk about anything marked religious. Religion was only a tool for people in power knowing that they would face no inquiries if they connected any violent act they wanted to achieve to religion. Although no religion in the world promotes violence, those people referred to it for their own sake. Tolstoy emphasized the concept of love and that all religions encourage love towards mankind. After this contradiction between the love that religion calls for and the violence that the people in power

  • Fundamentalism Islam In Indonesia

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    With most religions, Islam finally have an enormous influence in every society and country life. In development Similarly, Islam variations appear along with the use of culture as a means of distribution. Process development go hand in hand with the development of culture

  • Personal Essay: The Definition Of Life

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    According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of life is an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction; the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual. When we all think about life, we don’t think about the exact definition, we think about what makes our lives so great, and what makes us, us in everyday life. Everything we do in life is base off our choices, so depending on what choices

  • Causes And Disadvantages Of Boko Haram

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    Boko Haram, Is It a Sin To Have a Different Religion? By Devina Aryanti Hia Boko Haram or in literally translated as “Western Education is a Sin” is a movement of genocidal criminal that violate Human Rights. This movement led by Abubakar Shekau, an Islamist extremist who vowed to wipe out every Christian school in Nigeria and to bring out terrorist attacks on Nigerian government police and government officials. It started when in 2002, Muhammed Yusuf

  • Humanity In Rene Descartes's Meditations On First Philosophy

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    What makes us human? Or more importantly, why do we identify ourselves as human? Why does humanity act, think, work, live the way that it does? This question can be difficult to answer, yet the majority of people agree that the answer to this question lies within the idea of the human condition. The human condition consists of an abstract grouping of philosophical ideals, which revolves around figuring out what makes humans human. The human condition consists of core principles in humanity with a

  • What Is The Sanctuary Of Truth In Pattaya

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    The images from Buddhist and Hindu religions and mythologies of Cambodia, China, India and Thailand are adopted in the Sanctuary of Truth. The building consists of four sections pointing in a cardinal direction and the sections are joined to a central core. The sculptures both inside and outside

  • East Is East Film Analysis

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    the children does not really feel like they belong to Pakistan. After having lived their whole lives in Salford, England, they feel like Englishmen and think of themselves as Englishmen. There is only one of the children that follows his father’s religion, Maneer Khan, whom we later see in the sequel, West is West. The two films has several

  • The Importance Of Inculturation

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    Inculturation as a theological term refers to the incarnation of the Gospel in a particular setting, culture or tradition. When this is done, the culture and the faith embrace one another. There is integration and the Gospel then speaks the language of the culture and the culture permeates the faith. One can say that it is deepening of the faith using the cultural values and traditions of a people; values that are not opposed to what the Gospel preaches. The first inculturation is the incarnation

  • The 1951 Convention: The Criteria For The Fear Of Persecutance

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    Serious human rights violations are indicative of persecution. Discrimination of a serious nature on grounds of race, nationality, religion, and membership of a particular social group can also amount to persecution; discrimination, however, is not sufficient on its own to constitute persecution. Bona fide prosecution in the country of origin is generally not considered as persecution