Witchcraft: The Controversy Between Religion And Science

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In the world there has been many issues that have existed since the founding of religion. One such issue would be the concept of witchcraft as it relates religion. Depending on how these two subjects are looked at they correspond with one another in an interesting ways. Through out history their has been discussion between scholars on this subject. One of the main discussions is on what accounts to a miracle brought about through faith and god and what is brought about using witchcraft/magic done through rituals and other arcane arts. One would think that with the development of science and other technologies along with many discoveries that these two subjects would be ancient history along with a lot of the things that couldn’t be explained.…show more content…
Peoples opinions and views naturally make them favor one subject over the other. This also leads to the passing of the views to the next generation. To some the two subject should never be mixed and should be left alone which aids in the separation. To others the subjects can’t be defined while others feel that they have enough similarities that they could be related to one another( Cholewa, M., & Gilski, 2012, p. 191). Magic/Witchcraft provides a new way of understanding world as a whole and it introduces a way of thinking that begins to envelop different parts of life in which religious thinking will most likely become influenced by it. According to some modern Scholars magic is seen as a deviant social phenomenon that is inferior to what religion is (Jassen, 2005, p. 272). Because of this many people were killed if they were discovered practicing witchcraft. A perfect example of this would be during the Salem witch trials. The differences in the thinking also comes down to what terms are being discussed. An example of this would be how religious and magical thinking differs when it is about faith. From the religious point of view everything is about putting your trust in god and use his guidance and solutions. Researchers state that the magical/witchcraft point of view is when a person finds a word of phrase in which a deity will be helpless and has to do things for the person in question (Cholewa, M., & Gilski, 2012, p. 195). Even with these examples it should be known that thinking in a religious sense does not mean that it focuses only on religion. This is also true with Magical thinking that both types of thinking appear in religious people and those who participate in witchcraft. In the end it all really comes down to individuals in this

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