Religion In Uncle Tom's Cabin And Beloved

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Religion is the one thing that people can all tolerate but never agree upon. People have different definition of religion like Christianity; Christianity can be describe as a religion that encourages people to be charitable and to live as morally. While some describe Christianity as a religion that has no sense of community which is full of animosity and bring the worst in every (James Baldwin. Go tell it on the mountain. Novel. Print). People have different perception of religion and how they practice it. In terms of religion, Christianity includes Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal and Presbyterian, which have their own belief and how they practice their religion. This can be confusing to most on what exactly is true which is very common in the Harriet Beecher “Stowe Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “Beloved” by Toni Morrison. Both novel portray the role of religion played in the society of the Civil War and what impact religion had in slavery. Stowe’s main goal was to…show more content…
This showed the evangelical character of Eva by preaching that everyone can be saved if they give their life to the Christ either Black or White; the love of Christ show no prejudice. Much like Stowe use of Christianity as the theme of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Toni Morrison “Beloved” provided religion connection in her novel to inform reader about slavery. Christianity is one of the themes in Toni Morrison’s novel, Beloved. As a true Christian, we must learn to sacrifice when needed because Christ sacrificed his life for our sins. More importantly, sacrifice is the primary reason the Christian religion exist, this is why Morrison used Biblical references to portray a clear message about the characters in the novel to show how sacrifice was an important aspect in

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