Humor And Informative Essay: Saturday Night Live

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How many times have you wanted to laugh when you heard someone laughing uncontrollably? Laughing can do many wonders for the body; it reduces stress, pain and eases conflicts (McGhee). Humor has many different forms and varies greatly from person to person and from culture to culture. Throughout the years, humor and laughing have been a great way to connect with others by adding joy, as well as being an effective way to get over disagreements and resentment. During Medieval times, “the fool” represented shortcomings of commoners. In the present day, we have comedians who make us laugh with the use of real world concerns and relatable situations. In particular, late night televisions shows do an exceptional job of creating an environment where…show more content…
Late night television typically runs from 11:00PM to about 2:00AM after the local late night news. These late night televisions shows have several different formats ranging from: standup section, skits, interviews, and usually a musical act to close the show. Saturday Night Live is among one of the longest running late night television shows, airing for just under 40 years! What makes Saturday night live unique is the long running list of celebrity guest hosts and its talented cast. To name a few: Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, and Drew Barrymore have hosted the show on various occasions. The cast of Saturday Night Live is constantly fluctuating as more experienced comedians depart the show in hope of solo careers. When veteran comedians depart from the show, it leaves spots open for young talent to make a name for themselves (TV…show more content…
In the article “ETHNIC HUMOR: SUBVERSION AND SURVIAL” Boskin and Dorinson argue, “Getting past society’s censors, internal and external, as Freud maintained, brings pleasure even in the presence of pain, because a joke saves energy normally expanded on up holdings of inhibitions or disguising aggression.” Bringing pleasure even in the presence of pain is what Saturday Night Live has been able to do for so many years. Using widespread social and political events along with puns, sarcasm, word play, irony, and snarky humor; there is no question as to why Saturday Night Live has lasted so long. This demonstrations how Saturday Night Live has the majority of their audience, including African-Americans, laughing about a situation and making it far more pleasurable other than, in this case, violent protests taking place. Since Saturday Night Live has been running for so many years, the show has changed and so has the

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