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I come from a family of six, the oldest out of four and two hard working parents. We struggle here and there with money. My dad is a gardener and works all day in the hot sun. My mom is a cleaning lady and works two shifts 8am - 3pm and 5pm- 12am. So I see their struggles. I look at my mom as a role model, she pushes me and motivates me alot in school. Even though I sometimes feel pressured, my mom always told me that if I want to be someone in life I have to study hard, make sacrifices, and a lot more. I want to be a psychologist for children who have trouble speaking or suffer from shyness, to help them develop it. I've always thought it was an interesting and fun career. I had a psychology teacher my junior year and he would always talk to me about how being a psychologist works, at first I thought it was hard because it takes a lot of patience and time, especially if it's for children, and talking to them but patience is what i have so I think it's a good career for me. Many great opportunities were given to me during the summer. I really wanted to look more into psychology so my aunt took me to the University of Long Beach because there is a really good program in psychology. I think it was the best decision of my life because it made me be more sure that being a psychologist is what i wanna be.…show more content…
I've been playing only for five six years so not so long. I've been in clubs playing before I came to Desert Hot Springs High School, I've been playing here so far all my school years. Playing sports is very challenging when you're in high school from my perspective, because it can sometimes get in the way of my education. I struggle because my parents don't support me much when it comes to basketball. They think it a waste of time when instead I should be focusing on school and only school. I dont think it is because it can help me get a scholarship just for playing this

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