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In directors Lee Daniels movie “Precious” (2009), told the story of an overweight, uneducated 16 year old named Claireece Precious Jones. Throughout the movie she is shown going through sexual, physical and emotional abuse by the hands of her father and mother. Precious is a movie that concentrated deeply on the hardships of life and how severe someone can influence one’s mentality and self-image negatively. The movie not only showed many intersections of stories and moments but also showed aspects of social psychology that made the movie inspiring and emotional. Precious is first seen as very obese which is visible throughout the movie. She developed eating disorders caused by the physical and emotional abuse by her own parents. One scene in the movie, Precious steals a bucket of chicken on her way to school. She then proceeds to eat it and forcefully vomits the…show more content…
She overweight and that leaves her defenseless to bullying and harassment not only by her mother but by classmates and people. Her weight and size not only brings embarrassment and anger towards herself but it keeps her from socializing. She’s mostly self-consciousness about what people think and that anger is what stops her from opening up her feelings with people. Being overweight in most cases can devalue a body sexually in which people of the opposite sex avoid her. Throughout the movie her mother was the person that drove Precious self-esteem downward to the point there was none left. Her mother was jealous of the fact that Precious father rape and wanted her rather than being with her own mother. This drove her mother into insanity that affected the way life didn’t have to be for Precious. Her mother sabotaged Precious for failure because of her own self-concept that she wasn’t enough for him. By eating she not only dissociates herself from the world but it’s a scapegoat from her everyday

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