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Has your work life made it nearly impossible to have a social life and resort to online communication between others? Has this been enough for you to distance yourself from the reality of face-to-face conversations? A similar situation occurs in the article “Facebook in a Crowd” by Hal Niedzviecki, which describes how online friends become enough for an individual, but only until things take a turn. It gives the impression of how the false illusion of social media friendships are distancing people from the reality of real communication. To begin, not everyone has time to spend with others. A large factor of not having time to get together with people has to do with far away jobs and having to spend time with family. For instance, Niedzviecki mentions in his article, “I was as much to blame as they were. I had a 2-year-old kid of my own at home. Add to my workaholic irritability, my love of being left alone and my lack of an office environment” (Niedzviecki, 2008). What is being stated has to do with the difficulty of needing both people to be willing to make the effort to get involved more socially with each other. Although, as time passes, those isolated from others…show more content…
Imagine inviting hundreds of your online friends to a party; strangers and some you may already know, only to have a single human being to be present for the event. Niedzviecki shared this experience when he says, “I used Facebook to create an online event… fifteen people said they were attending, and 60 said maybe. A few hundred said not... I figured that about 20 would show up…. I waited until eventually, one person showed up” (Niedzviecki, 2008). Surely it is a natural human response to be scared towards meeting new people; although it is a different story when the number of people in that category is so high. This expresses how we need to be more aware of the people around us and acknowledge anything that is not on a

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